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"Hear my visions, feel my thoughts."
Tofustaggerbush (Peter D. Hedderley).

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…music only lives when it is listened to.

Welcome to the Tofustaggerbush website, a portal onto the musical world of Peter Hedderley (a.k.a. Tofustaggerbush). On this site, you will find a wide range of music to listen to (and hopefully enjoy!), along with news, events and other information. If you're looking for a specific piece of music, go directly to Albums.

You can also visit my page on Facebook and help spread the word or check me out on Twitter. If you wish to support me, please do so on and get exclusive access to a very special community for fans.

Latest News

Patreon site now launched to give you a platform to support my future music creation activities:

Out on the 2nd March:

  • Highland Stories - Orchestral/Brass

Out on the 3rd February:

  • La révolution électronique - Electronic Music

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