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"Hear my visions, feel my thoughts."
Tofustaggerbush (Peter D. Hedderley).

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It's not about money...

I create music because I have fun making it and I enjoy listening to it.

All of the things that I do in life, I do because they are important to me and because they seem to be a good idea - no amount of money can ever equal that pleasure - but it can support the process.

...but it helps!

I have been surprised at how generous some people have been in the past, donating monies in support and thanks - those monies have not made me rich, nor did they need to - but they were invested directly into buying new software and hardware to make even more music.

If you feel you would like to support my music-making financially, I would be very greatful for donations of any kind - by clicking on the “donate” button below, payments can be made to my PayPal account.

All monies that you donate will be re-invested into the music that is yet to come so you will definitely get something for your money that I hope you will enjoy.

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